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Box instead of case

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Copper BB
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:48 am
Kind of an unimportant question here but I was just curious. I just took delivery on a 1911 R1 Enhanced Stainless from Gun Pro Deals for $693 which is significantly cheaper than anywhere else I could find. The only slight disappointment is that it came in a cardboard box with foam inserts instead of the plastic case I see referenced everywhere. When I look up the case it appears that it costs around $35 by itself which probably explains why I got such a good deal. Just wondering if that's the explanation or if all the new ones from Huntsville are shipping this way? Either way the gun itself looks fantastic and is accurate right out of the box. Only other complaint is that I can see myself really slicing my hand open on the back of the front sight if I am not careful. Not sure how best to deal with that yet.

Copper BB
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:39 pm
The "free" hard plastic case evidently was a victim of corporate bean counters. The first R1 I bought 3 years ago came in that type case - pretty nice, I thought. The 2nd R1 purchased several months ago came in the cardboard box, as did the RM380 ordered a few weeks later.

Too bad, but I don't store them in those cases/boxes, so it's not a deal breaker for me. I don't buy guns for the packaging, but will save it all as long as it's mine.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:52 pm
I keep all my pistols and magazines in one of these:

https://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas ... s?slotId=2

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:49 pm
Like it JB. Will check em out.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:15 pm
If you have a Harbor Freight tools near you this Apache case is very nice for $22. I bought the largest case with a coupon for $29 which is also still current on the same site, just print the coupons.


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