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Remington Model 16 Semi-auto rifle in 22 Special

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:17 pm
I was at a gun show a couple weekends ago and saw a rifle that I didn't know existed. It was a Remington model 16 semi auto in 22 Special caliber. It was in really good condition in spite of being made in the 19 "teens," maybe around 1918-1919. I left the gun show and came home to research exactly what a 22 Special was. I read that it was called 22 WRF and is a slightly larger diameter round than the long rifle round, similar to a 22 magnum, but not as long brass and not near as powerful, firing a 45 grain lead round nose bullet at 1,300 feet per second. This round will fit in a 22 mag chamber but not the reverse of a 22 mag fitting in a 22 WRF chamber.

I did find a 1,000 round lot of CCI 22 WRF for sale on the internet for $225 and considered going back to the gun show and picking up the model 16. But then apathy set in and I stayed home to save my money.

Anyone have one of these rifles? This is the first one of these I have ever seen and had not heard of a model 16 before or the 22 Remington Special or 22 WRF round. I have a model 4 rolling block in 22 l.r. made in 1925 and that will remain my "plinking" rifle.


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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:18 pm
Read they made this model from 1916-1928. Nice looking rifle but ammo sounds tough to come by. Those guns back then were sure made sturdy. Thanks for sharing

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