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Remington R1 1911 Feed issues

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:52 pm
Hi there,

I am new to the Remington family and 1911s in general. I purchased a Remington R1 1911 last November 24, 2017. It had the $100 rebate offer with it and I just couldn't pass it up. I really like how the gun looked and is what I wanted. Dad really liked what he saw so I purchased one for him as a late Christmas present, about December 28th, 2017 or so, not sure of the exact date.

I was told the gun took about 500 rounds to break in. So, when I initially shot the gun and noticed one or two feed issues along with an odd ejection issue or two, I ignored them. However, around the 350 round mark or so I went to the range and shot 100 rounds; each freshly loaded magazine I put in the gun seemed to have at least one feed issue. Quite aggravating trying to enjoy the gun and be proficient at hitting the target while having to deal with feed issues and such.

After looking at the ammo I was shooting (230 gr ACP, FMJ), I noticed the gun seemed to have issues with some brands of ammo while other brands ran fine through the gun. In particular, Magtech brand of ammo and the 1911 really didn't get along well at all.

Unfortunately, my dad's gun is also having the same feed issues and being picky about the ammo it shoots.

After looking things over and doing some quick research, I'm beginning to think the stock Remington magazines which come with the handgun are garbage. After multiple recommendations, I puchased Wilson Combat 47s, a pair for me and a pair for my dad's gun.

Both of us have put 200 rounds or so through the gun with the Wilson's. No problems whatsover even when using the Magtech brand of ammo.

What gives here? I called Remington to speak with them about this. The guy on the phone I talked to didn't seem to think to much of this although he made the point we may need to stay away from Magtech's. But I'm not convinced the ammo was the source of the problem.

The guy on the phone made the comment he has been a competition shooter for 15 years (I think that is what he said...). He has used Wilson Combat Magazines the whole time. Why the @#$% should we use an after market product to make up for Remington's issues? I purchased a product and expect it to work as advertised. I shouldn't have to spend $60 per gun to fix an issue when the gun should've worked fine out of the box.

I thought about asking for warranty work on the gun and asking Remington to replace the magazines. The guy on the phone indicated the eight round Remington magazines work a LOT better than the mags which come with the gun. However, I don't feel I should have to purchase magazines from them to make the gun work. I'm not eager to send anything to them at this point in time as they are about to enter bankruptcy protection per what I've been reading on the internet. I would hate to send them anything; I may never get it back. Heck, I haven't gotten my $100 rebate per gun I'm supposed to get even though their website tracking system states my rebates have been processed and are on their way to me.

Has anyone else seen the feed issues and have any thoughts? With the purchase of the Wilson Combat mags, the guns work great now and I am happy. I really just feel like I've been wronged here.

Does anyone recommend any work be done to these guns and if so, what?



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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 7:22 am
Ripjack13 - I have an R1 Carry Commander I purchased several years ago. It didn't take long for this 1911 to become my favorite for carry and shooting. I'm guessing I've put close to 2K rounds through it, primarily Remington 230gr FMJ UMC ball ammo using 4 Remington magazines - two seven round and two eight round, which I purchased last year. I also fire Winchester ammo. I'm a firm believer of using carry ammo at the range. In all of my shooting with this firearm and the Remington magazines I've never had a feed issue, jam or ejection issue. My first thought reading your post was a weak spring issue with your magazines. I don't know who makes the magazines for Remington, but given their recent financial problems I would think that perhaps they went with the least cost company option - maybe from China? My magazines don't have any info re: country of origin, but the springs are tight. The 8 round magazine springs are almost too tight. It takes some muscle to get that 8th round loaded.

This sort of problem isn't unique to Remington. I've found the same sort of issue with various manufacturers, including the BIG names in the industry.

Personally, I would start with replacing the magazine springs if Remington doesn't offer a warranty replacement for the magazines. It's a cheap and easy fix, and hopefully would correct your problem.
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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 3:51 pm
csmith wrote:......In particular, Magtech brand of ammo and the 1911 really didn't get along well at all.....Chris

Hi Chris. I bought my R1 Commander new several years back and had the same experience with MagTech. Probably 6-7 FTFeed/Fire/Eject issues. I tried seven brands of 230 FMJ in the first 500 rounds and had no problems with any of the other brands, even with WWB. No more MagTech since then and no more problems, either.
As regards the mags, both of mine worked fine. I bought five additional Remington mags and have had no problems with any of them. As regards manufacture, I read on another 1911 forum that Remington mags are made by Mec-Gar, an Italian outfit. Maybe my R1 is just not picky.

And the rebates can cause you moments of anxiety. I had a $75 rebate for the R1 and have had numerous other Remington ammo rebates. The tracking website left me with the feeling that I had been forgotten, but they always showed up. Always took 6-10 weeks or so for me.

Hopefully all your and Dad's problems have now been solved. I really enjoy my R1. Best to you both.

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