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572 receiver bushing & barrel lock screw

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:04 pm
Gentlemen: I have a 572 Fieldmaster that I bought in the late 1960's. Pulled it out recently and shot it with no problems. Broke it down to give it a good cleaning and separated the barrel from the receiver (first time I think that it had been done). Reassembled it, shot it at the range with no problems and when I began cleaning it, noticed that the receiver bushing and barrel lock screw were missing. Ordered the two pieces. When received I could not understand how to install the receiver bushing. Owners manual says to "leave the bushing alone" - I did- I don't know how or why it came loose or undone?. Manual refers to the bushing as being "staked". I cannot see or understand how to install it. Is it pressed in somehow? What function does the rubber bushing serve?
Is this something that a gunsmith can do or does it need to go back to Remington? Thanks.

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