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trijicon, POI/POA Dawson Precision, and other things

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:34 pm
continuing the saga... i put a set of trijicon sights on the R51. still shot quite low. it shot low even with the combat sight picture. wasn't happy. had Dawson Precision make a 0.140" tall novak dovetail front sight with a trijicon insert. installed it and went to the range Saturday. the pistol range i was using only had 25 and 50 yards. so, at 25 yards, off of a rest, i chased the L/R balance around for a while. light tap, not enough sight movement. little bigger tap, went too far, back and forth. finally quit when i had a decent L/R balance. using a bullseye sight picture on a 6 1/4" black bull at 25 yards two hand hold off of a rest i'd keep only 4 out of 5 in the black. one would always seem to drop down into the white below the black. of the rounds in the black, they just kind of happened where they did with no discernible (to me) pattern. so i'd say the R51 of mine is grouping about 7" at 25 yards. obviously my shooting could stand a big improvement. this was with Winchester 124gr NATO with a box listed MV of 1200 fps.

i had some time to try one of my reloads with a bulk bullet and it didn't seem to group any better. still mostly in the black with one out of 5 just into the white around the bottom of the black circle. i ran out of time to test my other hand load with a supposedly more accurate bullet.

so it's probably just me. maybe? anyway i was using a newer magazine that i hadn't put many rounds through, though i let it sit full. i had 2 FTF off of the last round early on. by the end of the shooting, about 100 rounds, i had no issues. i think the magazines need some breaking in as well as the R51.

the shorter front sight did indeed raise the POI substantially. i need to try it out at 7 yards and see how it does wrt POA.

i was hoping the "fixed" barrel setup of the R51 would group very tightly. perhaps the short sight radius, light weight, and stiff recoil (for a 9mm) didn't help the quest for tight groups. perhaps ransom rest, but i don't have one. last time i field stripped the R51 i noticed that taking the barrel and sliding it into the slots, still had some wiggle at that junction. wondering if that was tightened up if the pistol would group better? and a lighter trigger pull with less overtravel would likely help too.

or again, perhaps i need to learn to shoot this pistol better. and i can accept that.

just a report on the changes and what happened.
take care all,

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