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742 recoil pad

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:34 am
I just purchased a Remington 742 BDL 30-06 and would like to put a recoil pad on it. I can't find any manufacturer that makes one for the 742, nor one on the used market. Does anyone know if the recoil pads from the 700 series or 870 will fit the 742? Anyone have a recoil pad they want to sell?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:33 pm
If no luck try one of those slip on jobs available at a Cabelas or Bass Pro. Should have different sizes. Might look like crap but better than screwing with that nice wood stock you probably have. Just a thought.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:44 pm
Most after-market recoil pads are grind-to-fit, so it's not really an amateur job. But it can be done. Best bet? Call Remington customer service, they are usually very helpful. Otherwise, plan a trip to your gunsmith to avoid damaging a great gun!
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